Ruby Wing

Ruby Wing™ is every free spirit’s dream: nail polish that changes color in the sunlight or daylight.
(SolarClub is part of the New York-based company Forsythe Cosmetics®, manufacturer of Color Club®-a brand dedicated to celebrating color in all its form. SolarClub represents a perfect blend of east and west, city and country, day and night.)
Color changing polish has traditionally been unpredictable. But after years of research and development, SolarClub has perfected the most consistent, stable, and durable SolarActive® technology to date.
Formulated and bottled in New York City, every Ruby Wing™ polish is completely non-toxic and environmentally safe. Plus, they’re vegan, and never tested on animals. Your life is full of variety and change.
Shouldn’t your nail polish be, too?
 Look at our Spring Garden polishes!!!

 And we have Cupcakes scented too!


De verandering van kleur vind plaats in elk seizoen, en zelfs in de schaduw als er UV straling is. Hoe feller de zon, hoe sterker de kleurverandering zal zijn. Eigenlijk heb je twee nagellakken
voor de prijs van 1!
Breng gewoon net als bij andere nagellak je favoriete base en/of topcoat aan. Dit heeft geen invloed op de kleurverandering. Alle Ruby Wing™ nagellak is vrij van formaldehyde, Tolueen, DBP en parabenen. Veganistisch en niet getest op dieren.

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